Expert tips on how to keep cut hydrangea’s fresh

Hydrangea season in Australia is through the warmer months, from October through to May (depending on the weather). The stunning Hydrangea colour range extends from green/yellow, green/pink, raucous red, pink, purple to a beautiful blue.

In the lead up to Christmas and throughout the holidays you’ll see bunches of devastatingly gorgeous hydrangeas in florists, flower shops, and floral arrangements across Melbourne. This unique flower likes to do things a bit differently so we’ve put together some expert tips on keeping your cut hydrangeas fresh to help get the most out of their explosion of colour.

Fun tip - Did you know hydrangea’s drink from their face? These big beautiful blooms soak up water through each petal.

The Green Room Florist hydrangeas

Care instructions for cut hydrangeas

Hydrangeas love a good scolding (we told you they were different) which can revive them if they are starting to wilt. Follow this method to give your hydrangeas a boost:

  • Boil the kettle
  • Place boiling water in a high-heat suitable container
  • Cut the stems and dip the bottom 2.5 cm in boiling water for 30 seconds 
  • Then pop them back into the cool water in the vase.

You can also trim the bottom of the stalk at a 45° angle to allow for maximum water absorption.

The Green Room Florist hydrangeas & assorted flowers

This is a great way to keep the hydrangea lasting as long as possible and a really good tip to use if your blooms are starting to droop. It can also be used if you have just cut hydrangeas from your garden for an arrangement to keep them spritely.

Important note - don’t use your kitchen scissors (we recommend a sharp pair of secateurs) or containers you’ll use for food to store hydrangeas as they are toxic.

Alternatively, if your hydrangea flowers are looking less than spritely (this relates back to the point above about drinking through their faces) you can:

  • Fill a clean bucket or large container with water
  • Place flower heads in the water
  • Leave to soak for several hours
  • Remove and replace in a clean vase with ample water.

Keep your cut hydrangeas away from drafts and place them in a cool area away from direct sunlight.

The Green Room Florists holding hydrangeas

Buy the freshest hydrangeas you can

Buy your cut hydrangeas from a reputable florist to ensure you are getting the freshest blooms is essential. As with buying all flowers, purchasing the most recent cut hydrangeas will provide you with a long-lasting arrangement. If you’re in Melbourne The Green Room florist source the freshest blooms from local flower markets ensuring that our customers get the most from their hydrangea arrangement.

Ensure any vase or container is very well cleaned before placing hydrangeas in it to avoid bacteria growth in the water from shortening their life. Change the water regularly, we recommend fresh water every day.

The Green Room Florist hydrangeas

Cutting tip - when cutting your hydrangeas from the garden ensure you take a bucket of clean water with you and put the cut stems straight in the water once cut.

Note - often flower arrangements contain a variety of blooms, speak to your florist about how to best care for that specific flower array.

Looking for a stunning hydrangea arrangement to be delivered in Melbourne? Contact The Green Room Florists today.

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