Which are the traditional wedding anniversary flowers by year?

As you get closer to a wedding anniversary, you're probably starting to think about what kind of gift to give your partner. After all, it's a pretty big milestone that deserves to be celebrated.

Why not consider traditional wedding anniversary flowers? Your loved one is sure to enjoy the sentimentality behind this gesture. Plus, they'll appreciate having a new bouquet or arrangement to brighten up their home. Keep reading for more information on the traditional flower associated with each year of marriage.

Which flowers to give for each wedding anniversary?

1st Wedding Anniversary Flower - Carnation


The carnation is often given for the 1st wedding anniversary, as it symbolizes love and affection. The carnation flower is also known for its long-lasting nature. In fact, it is said that the carnation flower can last up to six months without water. As such, it is seen as a symbol of enduring love.

2nd Wedding Anniversary Flower - Cosmos

Cosmos flower

The cosmos flower is often associated with the concept of eternity. It is a beautiful flower that often blooms in large numbers, which can symbolize the endless love between a husband and wife. This makes it the perfect flower to give as a gift on a 2nd wedding anniversary, as it celebrates the longevity of the relationship.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Flower - Sunflower


The sunflower is a cheerful flower that is often associated with happiness. It is the perfect symbol of joy and optimism, making it an excellent choice for a 3rd wedding anniversary gift. Sunflowers are also known for their symbolism of loyalty, so they can be seen as a gesture of appreciation for all the good times you have shared together.

4th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Geranium

Pink geraniums

The geranium flower has a number of meanings but is most commonly linked to happiness. Geraniums are often given as gifts to celebrate new beginnings and happy occasions and are traditionally given in a bouquet, arrangement or as a potted plant for a 4th wedding anniversary.

5th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Daisies


The meaning of daisies is innocence, purity, and new beginnings. They are often seen as a symbol of hope and fresh starts. Gifting daisies for a 5th wedding anniversary celebrates all the wonderful times to come in the future.

6th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Calla Lily

Calla Lily

The calla lily is a beautiful flower that has a deep meaning for those celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary. This elegant flower is associated with purity, beauty, and love. It's often seen as a sign of new beginnings, making it the perfect present for couples celebrating their sixth year of marriage.

7th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Freesia

Freesia flowers

The freesia flower is often given as a sign of appreciation and gratitude. If you are looking for a way to show your partner how thankful you are for them, gifting them with a freesia flower arrangement is a great way to do it. Freesias also represent innocence, which can be seen as a reminder to always keep your marriage fresh and new.

8th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Lilac

Lilacs in vase

The lilac flower is symbolic of love, affection, and esteem. If you are looking for a romantic anniversary gift (and when are you not?), the lilac flower is a great option. This delicate blossom conveys the sentiment that your feelings are as fresh as ever.

9th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise flower

The Bird of Paradise flower is a token of joy and happiness. It is often used to celebrate a time of joy and happiness, such as a wedding anniversary. When given as a gift, it is meant to symbolize the happiness that you have found together with your spouse.

10th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Daffodil


The daffodil is often linked with the 10th wedding anniversary, as it is seen as a symbol of new beginnings. This makes perfect sense, as a decade of marriage is an amazing milestone. Daffodils are also known for their positive energy, which can help couples feel optimistic about the coming years. If you're looking for a cheerful way to celebrate a decade of marriage, consider giving a bouquet of vibrant daffodils.

11th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Tulip

Multi-coloured Tulips

The colour range and variety of tulips make them the perfect 11th wedding anniversary flower. Like daffodils, tulips are also linked with new beginnings. They can symbolize hope, rebirth, and renewal. If you're hoping to start fresh in your relationship, giving a bunch of tulips is a great way to go.

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12th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Peony

Purple peony flower

The peony is a popular choice for the 12th wedding anniversary, as it symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Peonies are also known for their positive energy, which can help couples feel optimistic about their outlook.

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13th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Chrysanthemum

Chrythanthemum flowers

The chrysanthemum is often thought to symbolize longevity, as it resembles a life spirograph. As such, this flower is often given as a gift to couples who have been married for a long time. Chrysanthemums are also known for their positive energy, which can help couples feel optimistic about the future.

14th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Dahlia

Orange dahlias

The dahlia flower is used to mark the 14th wedding anniversary, as it is seen as a symbol of elegance and sophistication. This stunning bloom is known for its wide range of colours, making it a perfect way to show your partner how much you care after 14 years of the ups and downs of married life together.

15th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Rose


The rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world and it has a long history of symbolism. For example, the rose is often associated with love and passion. In fact, the phrase "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" comes from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

So, what does the rose symbolize for a 15th wedding anniversary? Well, roses are typically given to signify love, appreciation, and gratitude. They can also be given as a sign of respect or admiration. On your fifteenth anniversary, the rose is likely a symbol of all of those things.

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20th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Aster

Aster flowers

The aster is a flower that has long been associated with love and patience. This makes it an appropriate choice for the 20th wedding anniversary, as it symbolizes the deep love and commitment that a couple has for each other. Asters are also known for their healing properties, which can be beneficial for couples who have faced challenges in their marriage. If you're looking for a flower that represents both love and strength, the aster is a great choice.

30th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Lily


Lilies are often given as a symbol of purity, innocence, and new beginnings. They can also be seen as a symbol of rebirth or resurrection. Lilies are also commonly given as a sign of respect or admiration. In general, lilies represent things such as hope, life, and new beginnings. All of these things are significant for a 30th wedding anniversary.

40th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Gladioli

Gladioli flowers

The gladioli flower is often associated with strength and determination. In fact, the word "gladiolus" actually comes from the Latin word "gladius", which means sword. This is because the stem of the gladiolus flower is often quite stiff and sharp. The flowers themselves can also be quite large and dramatic, making them a perfect choice for a 40th anniversary.

Gladioli can also be seen as a symbol of love, as they are often given to express admiration and appreciation. If you want to show your partner how much you love and appreciate them, consider giving them a bouquet of gladioli.

50th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Yellow Rose & Violet

Yellow rose

Yellow Rose

Joy, happiness, and gladness are all sentiments associated with the yellow rose. It can also be seen as a symbol of friendship and affection making it ideal for couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. After all, they have likely been through a lot of joy and happiness together over the years. A bouquet of yellow roses would be a beautiful way to celebrate this milestone anniversary.

Violets pansies


Beautiful violets are paired with the yellow rose to celebrate the massive achievement of half a century of marriage. The violet flower symbolizes faithfulness, humility, and everlasting love - perfect for a couple that has stuck by each other through thick and thin. The yellow rose is known as the "golden anniversary rose" and it represents the joy and happiness that comes with a long-lasting marriage.

Together, these flowers make the perfect gift for a 50th wedding anniversary.

Whether you’re looking for a modern spin on traditional anniversary flowers or want to stick with the classics, we can help. Our team of expert floral designers will work with you to create an unforgettable arrangement that celebrates your love story. Ready to get started? Give us a call today.