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Elegant, romantic and classic - roses are the best birthday gifts for just any occasion. There are over 150 varieties of roses and they can be found in a range of colours. The Green Room florists create the most stunning rose bouquets combining the very best rose varieties and colours to convey your feelings.

Whether you need a rose bouquet for your partner, friends, as your wedding flowers or to beautify your home, we have stunning rose arrangements just for you. Need to send a rose bouquet today? We offer same day flower delivery services in the Melbourne metro area for orders placed by 12 pm. 

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Pesca Meringue roses arrangement
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Roses for every occasion

Roses are delightful and perfect for just any occasion. They make a gorgeous flower arrangement option for:

Fun Fact: Did you know the rose is the official flower for Father's Day? Gift your doting dad a stunning rose arrangement to surprise him.

Love Spell Flowers and Champagne
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How to choose the right rose?

Roses are available in different colours and traditionally every colour has its own meaning. If you aren’t aware of the meanings, worry not, here we have included the historical meaning of different colours of roses. It must be noted that in modern flower giving any colour can be used.

Red roses

Red roses signify love, romance and passion. Red roses make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, birthday of a significant other, or anniversaries  A dozen red roses is a declaration of love while a single stemmed red rose implies devotion and loyalty.

Red roses can also make for a non-romantic gift and can be used to congratulate someone, think graduation or a dance/theatre performance.

Seduction Red Roses Arrangement
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White roses

White roses signify purity and innocence. White roses are excellent as wedding flowers - bridal bouquets or centrepieces. They can also be used for religious occasions like baptism or christenings, as well as graduations, or funerals. They can also be used to apologise or can be given to your mum for Mother’s Day.

Yellow roses

Yellow roses make a perfect friendship bouquet. They represent feelings of warmth, joy and care.  However, yellow roses are a strict no for someone you have romantic feelings for as they represent friendship. Unless you want to friend-zone yourself, steer clear from yellow roses.

Yellow roses can be gifted on a birthday, to wish congratulations (new baby or engagement), thank you, or get well soon.

Orange roses

Orange roses signify passion and budding romance. They combine the meaning of red and yellow roses, so can mean you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. Especially if it started from friendship to love.

Charotte aux Fraise Pink roses arrangement
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Pink roses

Pink roses convey gratitude and can be used to thank someone. They signify happiness, elegance, innocence and admiration.

Pink roses can be gifted to friends, as a thank you gift, or for celebratory occasions like graduation.

Purple roses

Purple roses signify enchantment or love at first sight. Lighter tone of purple means love at first sight while darker tones mean admiration. They can be gifted to someone you like, a friend or even a colleague.

Need help picking out a rose bouquet?

You can mix it up and combine different colours to convey a range of emotions. White and red roses can be combined to show your love and devotion while red and orange can be combined to show happiness and joy. All roses can be gifted to someone you like romantically. If you're looking for some ideas speak to our florists, and we can help you select a perfect rose arrangement.

Sorbet roses arrangement
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How to keep your cut rose bouquet fresh for longer?

A rose bouquet can last for a week after they are cut. Follow these tips to keep it fresh and fragrant for longer.

  • Cut 1 inch off from the stem diagonally.
  • Remove the leaves at the lower end of the stem. The leaves submerged in water can rot and promote bacterial growth. Removing the leaves also allows the flowers to open fully.
  • Take a clean vase and fill it with water and flower food. If you don’t have flower food, add a tablespoon of granulated sugar or lemon-lime soda.
  • Arrange the bouquet in the vase.
  • Repeat the above steps again every 2 days - change the water, add flower food and water, and trim the stems again.
  • Keep the vase in a cool spot, avoid placing it in direct sunlight and under cool drafty spots. Also avoid placing them near windows or under a ceiling fan or in a bright room as they can cause the flowers to dehydrate.
  • Avoid placing the flowers near fruit as fruit release ethylene gas which causes the flowers to wilt faster.

Note - Our rose arrangements might include other flower varieties. Speak to our florists for advice on keeping your bouquet vibrant.

Heart Throb roses and orchids arrangement
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Stunning Rose Bouquet Delivery Melbourne

Make your loved ones feel special with a bouquet of roses delivered from The Green Room Melbourne. Pop into our flower shop in Albert Park to pick out our beautifully handcrafted rose arrangements. Alternatively, contact The Green Room at 03 9690 4383 or complete our quick online enquiry form for rose delivery throughout Melbourne today.