Arrangements for the Holiday Season

Brighton Florist Melbourne

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa, Rohatsu, Solstice or just enjoying your break, getting into the spirit of decorating for the holiday season is always an exciting time. 

The festive season is all about coming together with family and friends and enjoying good food and drinks. You could decide to put up wreaths and a Christmas tree or create a stunning natural arrangement in the middle of your large dining table for dinner. The choice is entirely yours to make but as the best Brighton Florist Melbourne-wide, we are of course here to help.

Colours of the Festive Season:

The festive season’s traditional colours are red, green, and white. The origins of these colours can be seen in the likes of modern celebrations but also date back centuries. 

Red is a symbol of love and romance but can also be recognized as Jesus's blood for Christians and Santa’s classic red suit. Dating back to the Roman’s Saturnalia festival, homes were decorated with red berries and green leaves which then passed into Christmas adornments. 

Today, the colours of the festive season are not only reds, greens and white but many people include other hues such as blue and white or gold. For those who don’t celebrate Christmas, decorating for the holiday season can be a vast array of natural arrangements, plants, or flowers. The choices are endless and are entirely up to the host. Here are a few of our favourite arrangements for the festive season at The Green Room Flowers.

Phalaenopsis Perfection:

Ideal for the centre of a marvellous feast, this delicate orchid blooms in abundance. Keeping within the traditional colours of Christmas, phalaenopsis which are also known as moth orchids are the perfect addition to an entryway or placed around the kitchen. Pair this arrangement with traditional style decor or place among beautiful blues and golds for a tasteful approach.
Eternal Joy:

Bursting with colour, Eternal Joy boasts assorted hydrangea. Straying from the traditional colours with a dark neutral hue, this stunning bloom is the ideal addition to your dining table or entryway. This arrangement is the perfect way to add some joyful colour to your festive season in a uniquely beautiful way.

Creme De Cassis:

Romantic and striking, this bunch is a real eye-catcher. Keeping within the traditional red for the festive season, the Creme De Cassis has a dark hue that's perfect for late night dinner and whiskeys around the fire. This vibey arrangement features decadent red roses and foliage – sure to make for a beautiful display, wherever you decide to place it.

Any Occasion:

The Green Room Flowers have arrangements for all tastes this festive season. Whether you’re having a family lunch and need a bright display to welcome guests into your home or having a few friends over for a cheese board and wine, your flower arrangements can turn your event from dull to decadent. Get in your orders quickly and have one less thing to worry about this holiday season.