How to Choose a Bouquet for Your Next Corporate Event

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Adding a floral touch to your corporate event can instantly brighten up the sometimes dull nature of such events. Whether it’s a company conference or a product launch, adding a splash of natural colour and beauty can make a huge difference.

As a leading Elwood florist, we know all too well the positive impact a floral arrangement can have on a space. Flowers can help add warmth to your venue, making the space more inviting so people actually want to be there. Having a bouquet is also a great way to boost your staff’s morale and happiness, while also creating a relaxed atmosphere for all guests.

So if you’re wondering how to choose a bouquet or floral arrangement for your next corporate event, then you’re in luck! In this blog, we’re going to cover the key things you should consider when choosing a bouquet for your next big company event.

Consider the Type of Event You’re Hosting

No two events are the same, so you should consider the type of event you’re hosting when choosing your bouquet. For instance, a bouquet for a product launch might feature colours that complement your brand’s style and make a bold statement upon entry. By contrast, a floral arrangement for an all-company meeting can have subdued tones with a vibrant splash of colour here and there to liven up a room.

You can also consider florals that are relevant to the type of event you’re hosting. Seasonal arrangements can add a charming touch to your holiday events, such as red, white and green florals for Christmas parties.

Pick a Theme

Choosing a theme for your bouquet can help you narrow down your options. If you want to theme your bouquet around a certain colour, then consider how colour influences floral design. This is important if you want to evoke a certain mood for your event, such as joy or calm.

You can also theme your bouquet around your brand. By picking key colours from your logo or branding guidelines, you can create a bouquet that marries with your company’s aesthetic. This can help promote brand awareness at various corporate events or show how fun your branding is to your staff.

Choose Your Placement

Where you feature your bouquet at your event is of the utmost importance, and depends heavily on the type of event you’re hosting. If your event is a corporate gala, for instance, you might showcase your floral arrangement at the entryway to create an impactful statement upon arrival. But if it's a company dinner, then putting your bouquet in the centre of the table away from where people might be eating can elevate the experience.

You can also have an entire table or set piece dedicated to the floral arrangement, depending on the event of course. This can create a focal point within the space, allowing guests to socialise and bond over the magnificent floral piece that you’re spotlighting.

Discover Your Next Bouquet at the Green Room

Here at The Green Room, we love nothing more than helping companies add a natural touch to their events with our corporate bouquets.

Get in touch with our expert florists, and let’s work together to create a floral statement piece for your next corporate event.

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