How To Choose The Best Flowers For Your Home?

Welcome to The Green Room Flowers Albert Park, where we believe that fresh flowers hold the key to elevating your home's elegance and vibrancy. Whether you wish to infuse your living room with warmth, create an inviting ambience in your bedroom, or add a burst of colour to your dining table, our expertly curated bouquets are designed to create a vibe. 

We understand the significance of selecting the ideal blooms to match your space, and our clever team are thrilled to provide you with their innovation and expertise for valuable tips on how to select the perfect blooms.

The Green Room continues to be the favored florist amongst Melburnians, setting trends and industry vibes as a well trusted iconic Institution. 

Let us share the Magic of Flowers with you.

1. Understanding Your Space and Style

When choosing the perfect flowers,  Assess your space and personal style. Delve into the color scheme and decor of the room where the flowers will be displayed. Whether you prefer classic elegance or modern eclecticism, understanding your space and style preferences will be your guiding light in selecting flowers that seamlessly complement and enhance your home's overall ambiance.

2. Selecting the Right Flower Types

Each flower is a unique masterpiece and when composed with the right selection, style and vessel, Your space can be ultimately transformed. 

Whether your space is open and the arrangement is viewed from all angles, or front facing and against a wall will determine the shapes of blooms you select to fill your vase.  

Phalaenopsis orchids are FABULOUS for front facing arrangements as they dangle over the vase and add drama to any arrangement.  Roses, Tulips, Peonies and other round flowers are best suited to all round arrangements.

Your foliage will be the biggest key to holding everything in place so it's best to start with a beautiful big bunch of leaves, next comes the blooms and finally any extra leaves or sticks to add intertest.

How To Choose The Best Flowers For Your Home

3. Considering Flower Maintenance

The most important thing to remember is that your stems are like living beings.  They need to be cut in order to drink.  The best way to take care of your new blooms is to get them home, fill your vase, cut your stems and place them into fresh water right away.    For best results repeat this every 3 days.  Flowers form a seal across the stem once they leave the shop and wont drink unless cut the stem first.  

4. Seasonal Flower Selection

Embrace the beauty of each season with our delightful selection of seasonal flowers for your home decor.   Spring brings enchanting options like daffodils, jonquils, hellebores, ranunculus, flowering magnolias and cherry blossoms.  In the warmth of summer, Hydrangeas (our personal FAVE), dahlia’s, calla lilies, Fragrant garden roses, and gloriosa lily, why not infuse your home with radiance and bring your space to life.

As autumn approaches, indulge in Stunning orchids, hydrangeas, roses, and yummy autumnal foliage to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. And in the wintery wonderland, indulge your senses with French peonies, locally grown tulips, ranunculus, freesias, daphney, hyacinths, sweetpea, violets and all things pretty.

How To Choose The Best Flowers For Your Home

5. Pairing Flowers and Vases

At The Green Room, we know that the perfect vase can enhance the beauty of your flowers even further. Match your blooms with vases that complement both the flowers and your home's decor. Clear glass vases showcase the natural elegance of the stems and allow you to create stunning arrangements, however we prefer the glamour and edge of colourful vessels of all shapes and sizes.

For a touch of rustic charm, consider vintage-style ceramic or metal vases. Remember to choose a vase size that ensures your flowers fit proportionally and securely.

6. Flower Arrangement Tips

At The Green Room, our floral experts have mastered the art of arranging flowers to create captivating centerpieces. Allow us to share some useful tips:

  • Height and Proportion: Experiment with different flower heights to achieve visual balance. Taller blooms like gladioli add vertical interest, while shorter flowers like ranunculus create fullness.
  • Colour Harmony: Play with color combinations that complement each other. Monochromatic arrangements exude elegance, while vibrant hues add a playful touch.
  • Texture and Filler: Enhance your arrangement with diverse textures and foliage. Baby's breath, eucalyptus, or ferns act as stunning fillers.
  • Cutting and Watering: Trim stems at an angle before placing them in water. Changing the water regularly ensures your flowers stay fresh for longer.

7. Seeking Inspiration

At The Green Room, we encourage you to find inspiration from various sources. Explore floral magazines, websites, and social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for creative ideas and trending floral arrangements. Let your unique taste guide you in creating a space that reflects your personality and style.

With our expert tips and an array of fresh flowers, The Green Room Flowers Albert Park invites you to elevate your home to new heights of beauty and charm. Let the magic of nature brighten your days with the enchantment of fresh and fabulous flowers.

How To Choose The Best Flowers For Your Home

Finishing Up

Discovering the perfect fresh flowers for your home is an enchanting journey that The Green Room Flowers Albert Park is delighted to accompany you on. With a wide array of vibrant blooms, unique homewares, and exquisite gifts, our floral haven is designed to stimulate your senses and elevate your living spaces.

By understanding your space, style preferences, and the art of pairing flowers with vases, you can create stunning arrangements that breathe life into every room. Our expert tips on flower types, maintenance, and seasonal selections ensure that your home is always adorned with the most captivating blooms, reflecting your personal taste and style.

At The Green Room, we take pride in crafting a unique and memorable experience for each visit. Our friendly team of divine floral Queens is ever-ready to guide you through your floral journey, offering expert advice and personalized arrangements for every occasion.

Shop online and have your carefully curated floral creations delivered right to your doorstep. Alternatively, visit our sparkling floral boutique at 91 Dundas Place, Albert Park, and immerse yourself in the bliss of fresh and fabulous flowers.