How to Choose the Perfect Flowers This Mother’s Day (That Mum Loves)

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the remarkable woman (or women) in your life who helped raise, nurture and care for you.

Whether it’s your Mother, the mother of your children, or a mum who deserves to be recognised, Mother’s Day is a chance to say “Thank You”.

And what better way to say thanks than with a bright, beautiful bouquet that looks as good on the mantelpiece as it does on Instagram? (Either way, you’ll get brownie points).

The problem is, with so many options to choose from, sending Mother’s Day flowers can feel overwhelming.

Are roses suitable? Would mum like something brighter? And how long will a fresh bouquet of flowers even last?

Don’t worry – we’ll answer these questions (and plenty more) in our no-frills guide to choosing Mother’s Day flowers for the special women in your life.

Let’s get right into it. 

P.S. Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May, in case you need to pop it in your calendar.


Firstly, What Is Your Mum's Style?

The key to spoiling your mum with flowers comes down to personalisation. 

The #1 goal is to hear, “Aww, you got my favourite flowers!” So before you settle on a specific flower, take a moment to think about your mum’s tastes. 

Does she prefer a classically elegant flower? Does she enjoy a vibrant and colourful flower? Or is she a fan of natural Australian greens and browns?

If you’re unsure, consider your mum’s home decor to help match your flowers with her style. For example, a rustic wildflower arrangement will have a different look and feel than a more traditional rose bouquet.

🌹Green Room Tip: If you're unsure about her favourite flowers, a safe bet is to choose blooms in her favourite colour. An arrangement with lilies and orchids would fit if she loves pink and purple. If she likes earthy tones, sunflowers and daisies might be a winner

Next, Try Matching Flowers Based on Their Meaning

The best Mother’s Day flowers don’t just look stunning and brighten a room. They carry a deeper meaning.

With plenty of flower options, choosing based on a deeper meaning can help your Mother’s Day gift carry extra significance and show you care. This is the difference between “I grabbed flowers on the way home from work” and “I took the time to choose flowers that are special to you”.

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular Mother’s Day flowers in Melbourne to help you make a choice that will make mum feel extra special.

  • Roses are a symbol of love and appreciation. Perfect for your mum or the mum in your life, rose colours bring different meanings. Red screams romance, pink conveys gratitude and yellow expresses friendship.
  • Lilies are elegant and fragrant and symbolise purity and devotion. Available in various colours, lilies add a touch of sophistication to any Mother’s Day bouquet.
  • Tulips are cheerful blooms that represent love and happiness. With vibrant colours and a long-lasting nature, Tulips make for a perfect Mother's Day choice.
  • Hydrangeas are full, fluffy flowers that come in a stunning range of colours. They symbolise gratitude and heartfelt emotions. When you need to say “Thank you for everything”, a bouquet of Hydrangeas speaks volumes.
  • Peonies are a traditional Mother's Day flower that symbolise love, beauty and elegance. A popular flower in Chinese culture and motifs, a bouquet of peonies is regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage, making these vibrant flowers perfect for mum or the mother of your children.

🌹Green Room Tip: Don’t overlook the power of greenery. Does your mum have a green thumb? Indoor plants can be a creative Mother’s Day gift that is a long-lasting alternative to fresh blooms. 

Also, You Can’t Go Wrong With Chrysanthemums

An average of 5 million flowers are delivered every Mother’s Day in Australia, but some are more popular than others.

Chrysanthemums, or “Mums”, are a classic Mother’s Day flower that’s sure to impress. How can you go past a flower with the word “mum” in it? 

Chrysanthemums flower from late summer through autumn and are readily available in May, making them a popular Mother’s Day choice.

How to choose the right local florist

You have the perfect bouquet in mind and are ready to choose flowers with special meaning for your mum. All that’s left to do is order, right?

Not so fast…

Before you hit ‘Order’, you’ll need to ensure you’ve picked the right florist.

There’s nothing worse than choosing Mother’s Day flowers that don’t arrive in time or that arrive and look *nothing* like the photos you saw online. 

To help you avoid a Mother’s Day mix-up, here are our top tips for confidently ordering flowers in Melbourne.

Tip #1 - Reputation matters: Look for a florist with positive online reviews from satisfied customers. If other people have ordered flowers successfully, you can rest easy knowing you’re not just dealing with floral experts, but a professional business. 

Check out one of our happy customers below (we loved making her mum’s day, too!)

Tip #2 - Location, location, location:  Choose a florist close to your mum's delivery address to ensure the freshest blooms and timely arrival. At The Green Room, we proudly deliver throughout Melbourne, including outside Metropolitan Melbourne, so no mum misses out.

Tip #3 - Look for a wide variety of flowers: Browse your local florist’s online catalogue or visit their store to see if their flower arrangements suit your mum's taste (and budget). Custom bouquets are a sign you’re dealing with a skilled and knowledgeable local florist.

Tip #4 - Flexible delivery options:  Let’s be honest, the best laid plans don’t always go to plan. Look for a Melbourne florist offering same-day delivery on Mother's Day. At The Green Room, we deliver on Sundays and Public Holidays so mum doesn’t have to wait for flowers that never arrive.


Order Now to Make Your Mum’s Day


You just levelled up your floral knowledge and you’re ready to choose and order a bouquet or arrangement that will make your mum’s day.

Browse our collection online (same-day and Sunday delivery available).

Most of all, don’t stress over your choice. When it comes to flowers, it really is the thought that counts. 

You might choose one flower and fill a bouquet, like a gorgeous collection of red roses. Or, you might go for the “just-picked” organic look that mixes different flowers, colours and styles.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be showing mum you care and that’s a gift she’ll remember and treasure.


If you need help choosing Mother’s Day Flowers or have any questions, reach out on 9690 4383 to speak to a florist from the Green Room