The Role of Colour in Floral Design and How it Affects Emotions

      colourful flowers with yellow tulips, red roses, orange and white tulips, and yellow roses, all in close together flower bunches with green leaves

While giving and receiving flowers can make us feel happy, different coloured flowers can help elevate your mood or make you feel more at peace. And when some colours are paired together, they can help create a beautiful bouquet with an impact.

Here at The Green Room, we pride ourselves on providing a range of services to satisfy all clients, from arranging stunning bouquets through to offering the delivery of same-day flowers. Melbourne residents are spoiled for choice when it comes to our diverse range of floral bouquets.

But if you’re wanting to style your own bouquets at home, then read on to discover how you can best pair the right colours together for a memorable bouquet.

How to use the colour wheel

Understanding the colour wheel is important for making any floral arrangement. The colour wheel is a tool that can help people determine the relationship between different colours to create a colour scheme.

When it comes to the colour wheel, you’ve got options aplenty! You can choose complementary colours, which are two colours opposite each other on the colour wheel.

Or you can use analogous colours, meaning that you use three colours that are adjacent to each other on the wheel. Another avenue you can go down is the use of monochromatic colours, which is when you use different shades of one colour.

What do the colours on the wheel represent?

Now that we’ve explained how you can best use the colour wheel, it’s time to get to the fun part – thinking about the colours and what they each represent to make a meaningful bouquet.

Warm colours

Red flowers are often associated with feelings of romance and passion, encouraging strong emotions with their fiery petals. Using red flowers – such as roses and amaryllis’ – in your bouquet allows you to express your romantic and passionate feelings towards someone you care about and love.

Vibrant and energetic, orange is often associated with joy and happiness. So if you know someone who’s feeling a bit down, then you can give them a bouquet with orange flowers to help lift their spirits. But if you’re looking for an energy boost yourself, then create a floral arrangement with a focus on orange florals – think dahlias and marigolds.

Joyful and warm, yellow flowers represent good health and can produce a stimulating effect. You can give a bouquet with yellow florals in them to encourage a positive outlook or to symbolise your friendship with others. Consider the use of daffodils and sunflowers in your next bouquet.

Cool colours

Green flowers often bring a lush and fresh feel to any room, often representing good fortune and renewal. Incorporating green flowers – such as mums and hydrangeas – into your wedding or anniversary bouquet is a great way to represent a fresh start.

The calming and peaceful nature of blue flowers – such as iris’ and morning glories – can create a soothing atmosphere in any space. Because of this, bouquets with a focus on blue flowers often make for a thoughtful get well soon gift.

Charming and luxurious, purple flowers are often associated with power and creativity. Bouquets with flowers – such as lilacs and orchids – make the perfect addition for life-changing events like weddings or milestone birthdays.

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