The Top Home Decor Trends of 2023

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From embracing the beauty of nature to incorporating a soft tone or two, this blog will cover the top home decor trends of 2023. And as a leading Brighton florist, Melbourne residents can discover our range of flowers to incorporate into their home decor!

Natural materials

Natural materials such as wood, marble or stone, are set to take centre stage in the homes of many this year. While these are often a go to as an option for flooring or a kitchen splashback, there are unique ways you can feature these materials as your decor showstopper.

Adding these materials sparingly in a room can create a subtle contrast of materials. If you naturally have wooden floorboards, then you can add marble accents through the inclusion of vases, trays or lamps, as an example. 

You can also go down the other end of the spectrum and emphasise the dramatic details of each material. Opt for a minimalist look that showcases the dark veins that run through a marble piece, or have a wooden ensemble that spotlights the unique textures.


Home decor is no stranger to sustainability. Adopting second-hand decor, or hand-fixing your worn and torn furniture, is becoming increasingly popular. This allows homeowners to give their favourite pieces of decor a new lease on life without harming the environment. 

Adopting a sustainability-first mentality to your decor can present a fun challenge too. Hitting up op shops and garage sales allows you to discover quirky and fun second-hand pieces that are ready to be loved again, meaning that you’ll have to find clever ways to incorporate those pieces of decor into your current style.

Sustainability also comes in the traditional form of switching to eco-friendly lights and appliances, reducing waste consumption, and using more organic fabrics and materials.

Soft neutrals

Tones such as beige, brown and creams are set to make a splash in homes this year. Whether this is giving your walls a paint job or adding subtle touches like cream-toned pillows and decor, there are a multitude of ways you can add these shades to your home.

And even if you have other colours featured throughout your home, neutrals are easy to pair with other colours.

Practical spaces

With most businesses adopting a work from home model, ensuring every inch of your home is practical is becoming essential. But this trend is also about making the practical spaces feel at-one with the rest of your home.

As an example, the laundry is an often overlooked space in the home that people only go to because they have to. But by adding decor to the space to make it feel more stylistically cohesive, you can turn the laundry – or other similar spaces – into areas that you would want to be in.

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