Wedding Flower Ideas

Wedding Flowers Ideas

Adding elegance and ambiance to your special event, wedding flowers can either be a subtle complement to your decor or a total show-stopper – the choice is yours.

Your style of wedding and the time of year may alter your options. If you’re going for a rustic style wedding you may opt for classic white roses and greenery or natives. If a dreamy, extravagant wedding is more up your alley then hydrangeas or peonies may be a good option. 

Whatever your tastes, Albert Park Florist, The Green Room Flowers has made a list to get your creative juices flowing in preparation for your wedding. Read on for some beautiful ideas! 


Classic and traditionally timeless, roses are the ideal flower for any occasion. Roses symbolise love and passion, making them perfect for your wedding. They also come in a wide array of colours and varieties with the most common being hybrid tea roses, spray roses and garden roses. 


Just like roses, ranunculus come in a variety of colours and sizes. These beautiful flowers boast closely formed petals to create a striking look that’s in between a peony and a rose. Pair these pretties with greenery or mix and match colours for a bright pop of colour. 


Arguably the most striking and elegant of the list – and not just because of their price point – peonies may be what your wedding is calling for. Traditionally chosen in pink, white or red, peonies offer a pretty yet sophisticated vibe to any event. There are two main types of peony –  herbaceous and tree peony.


Symbolising happy years and consuming love, tulips may be the perfect addition to your wedding. With fringed tulips, double tulips, Rembrandt tulips and more, the variety is endless. Available in a range of colours and hues during September to November, tulips are great to pair with other flowers. 


Offering a “snowball” look, hydrangeas are usually chosen in blues or whites but also come in pale pink and burgundy. These flowers are feminine and full, making them ideal for a dreamy and extravagant wedding. 


Boasting an elegant and timeless feel, orchids can provide an “old-money” vibe or a modern, minimal feel. Available in many colours and shades, orchids are also perfect for beach-style weddings. 


Once you’ve chosen your flowers, how you want to present them at your ceremony and reception is next on your agenda. 

Opting for a stunning centrepiece can create an elegant look and feel to your reception. Other than centrepieces, your reception flowers can include hanging flowers from the ceiling or incorporating them into other elements such as lanterns or candles. 

Flowers can also be used to decorate the ceremony space. If you're having a church wedding, add floral arrangements to the altar or hanging garlands or wreaths from the ceiling or walls.

Bouquets are traditionally used at most weddings and are often the bride's favourite part of her outfit. Choose one that reflects you and your overall theme. 

Add the final touch to your wedding flowers with boutonnieres and corsages.

Remember, whatever you choose, The Green Room Flowers are here to help every step of the way. Unique and tailored to you, your flowers truly will be the most important decision of your whole wedding.